CONASIA is a service company based in Spain that focuses on outsourcing and purchasing management. CONASIA has a wide experience in the Asian market and presence with office in Spain and in China.


CONASIA main goal is to become an essential tool for our clients and to be another platform inside their company structure. So we can optimize and support our client international trades and their supply chain in the Asian market.


  • Outsourcing:
    • Research and selection of the most suitable supplier according to each project profile.
  • Management: Monitor all the purchasing process:
    • Negotiate the quotations.
    • Monitor de samples or prototype process.
    • Commercial trips with client to validate samples or audit factories.
    • Control the mass production process.
    • Following the agreed shipment date.
    • Inspection previous loading.
    • Monitor the logistic process until destination.


  • Flexibility: We adapt to clients needs.
  • Experience: More than 10 years of experience in the Asian market, with a wide , large network of different suppliers keeping a good record and close relationship, in countries as: China, The Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, ….
  • Presence in Asia with our own office and team in China and keep a fluid communication with our client and project understanding through our main office in Spain.
  • Minimize risk and after sales services. Conasia presence reduce the risk on commercial transactions and give an after sales services, in terms of quality. If any problems show up, Conasia will intermediate with the suppliers to discuss the potential claims in order to solve the problems.


The main sectors of Conasia activities are:

  • Contract Project for hotels.
  • Building materials.
  • Food industry.
  • Other generals sectors: Backpacks, sport shoes, merchandising goods, tyres…